HC Screw Type Industrial Chiller

Basic introduction

  • HC screw chiller series can provide 5 ~ 30 ℃, ice water (temperature ± 1 ℃), can provide air-cooled type or water-cooled type, cooling capacity from 82,300 ~ 365,840 kcal / hr, can be widely used in the cooling capacity is particularly large Industry, it uses the international advanced semi-closed screw compressor, motor compressor integration, no shaft seal leakage considerations, with a safe and reliable economic characteristics

Model definition
  • HC:HUARE Screw Type Industrial Chiller
  • AAA: Compressor HP number
  • BBB:
  • ASCS=Air cooling condenser shell evaporator single head,
  • ASCD=Air cooling condenser shell evaporator double head,
  • WSCS=Water cooling condenser shell evaporator single head,
  • WSCD=Water cooling condenser shell evaporator double head

Special Features
  • The unit uses imported high-quality brand semi-enclosed screw compressor efficient, stable, energy saving, low noise
  • 100% -75% -50% -25% four- stage cooling capacity adjustment, smooth operation, low current shock, energy conservation
  • The unit uses a dedicated microcomputer controller for refrigeration 10 "LCD touch screen, to achieve full-featured automation control. Man-friendly interface, real-time display of machine work status, easy to operate
  • The unit uses high efficiency shell and tube evaporator supporting water-cooled shell condenser or air-cooled fin condenser to ensure efficient operation of the unit
  • The unit standard reverse phase protection, over current protection, short circuit protection, compressor overheating protection, high and low pressure protection, water flow detection prevent freeze protection, four-stage cooling capacity run, pressure safety valve and many other security features.
  • Screw chillers are based on the actual application of supporting the application of the project, so the unit required insulation tanks, pumps and external piping are required to be selected according to the actual application, the unit standard configuration not includes the above components.

  • The standard voltage is 3,380V, 50Hz.
  • Refer to the shot weight and cooling capacity to select the machine.
  • Have any special needs, please contact us.
  • We reserve right to change specifications without prior notice.