HGM180 Medium speed crusher

Basic introduction

  • HGM180 series of medium speed crusher for a variety of plastic materials, crushing and reusing, including plastic scrap, pouring material for soft chlorine, nylon, ABS and other soft and hard plastic. The machine is compact, handsome in appearance, easy to operate, turn the knife to optimize the design to minimize energy consumption, higher cutting efficiency.

Model definition
  • HGM:HUARE Medium speed crusher
  • AAA:Crushing rotary diameter(mm)
  • BBB:Crushing chamber width(mm)
  • CCC: Material out way
  • Blank = suction box
  • D=Two material proportional valve
  • R=Manual box
  • AJ=Compressed air +I MM recycle
  • BJ=Blowing pump+ I MM recycle

Special Features

  • Moving knife was V-shaped ladder arrangement, crushed material gradually into the cutting smooth and light.
  • Spindle speed operation, low noise at work, less dust.
  • Screen bracket easy disassembly, change the network, clean material save time and effort.
  • After the screen tray or feed hopper is opened, the safety switch ensures that the spindle does not operate and ensures personal safety when changing the net and cleaning.
  • After the knife with a blunt, just grinding the rake face can be used, and the installation without adjustment.
  • Knife repeatedly used after four times to be grinding.


  • The standard voltage is 3,380V, 50Hz.
  • The maximum crushing capacity depends on screen hole, material etc.
  • Have any special needs, please contact us.
  • We reserve right to change specifications without prior notice.