HNS N type concentrated granulator

Basic introduction

  • HNS series granulator is applied to crush all kinds of plastics, including massive, rotundity, strip. It will play In the plastic industry, the plastic defective, waste, outlet material processing plays an important role in the rapid recovery , Improve the plastic utilization.

Model definition

  • HNS:HUARE N type concentrated granulator
  • AAA:Crushing rotary diameter(mm)
  • BBB:Crushing chamber width(mm)
  • CCC:  Material out way
  • Blank = Manual box
  • F=Fan feed

Special Features

  • Using “V type” cutting technology ,decrease abrasion between blades and crushing chamber ,improve service lift of blades .
  • Using spherical roller bearings, bearing housing external structure, good heat dissipation.
  • Crushing chamber use half-open structure .
  • The bottom of screen open and rocker open structure .
  • Using all close safety covers with wheels .
  • Cutting chamber open by mechanical, saving and safety. 


  • The standard voltage is 3,380V, 50Hz.
  • The maximum crushing capacity depends on screen hole, material etc.
  • Have any special needs, please contact us.
  • We reserve right to change specifications without prior notice.