HTP Tray material Granulator

Basic introduction

  • Applicable to the tray, tubing, and wide profile grinding recovery from the conventional machine is used for products of proclaiming process, reduce material degradation, save manpower, and reduce the labor intensity, improve recovery efficiency.

Model definition

  • HTP:HUARE tray material granulator
  • AAA:Crushing rotary diameter(mm)
  • BBB:Crushing chamber width(mm)
  • CCC: Material out way
  • F=Fan feed

Special Features

  • Dual V-cut technology. small energy consumption, less shear hear, particle size uniformity, cutting efficiency is higher.
  • Using spherical roller bearings, bearing housing external structure, good heat dissipation.
  • Using the hydraulic system easily crushing chamber and screen opening, maintenance is convenient but also non honest, rapid completion of the crushing chamber cleaning.
  • Special form of feeding, low flat inclined, is advantageous for the tray and into wide profile
  • In view of the different materials, we can provide optimal feeding scheme.
  • Balanced main shaft to ensure safely smoothly running.
  • Optional inertia flywheel to improve cutting strength .


  • The standard voltage is 3,380V, 50Hz.
  • The maximum crushing capacity depends on screen hole, material etc.
  • Have any special needs, please contact us.
  • We reserve right to change specifications without prior notice.